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Your company’s knowledge base, CRM, marketing materials, sales tracking, appointments, notifications, accounts, team contacts, and custom data all in one place

All of your tools in one easy & dynamic dashboard

We support and consolidate all of your favorite apps.



your organization’s roster

to seamlessly integrate your existing team



your dashboard workflow

with drag and drop ease to create your custom layout



your existing tools and tech platforms

include your CRM, marketing, sales pipeline, and calendars



your team’s onboarding

determine the step-by-step onboarding experience for your agents and staff


Centralize your company's proprietary workflow and consolidate all of your existing tech, tools, and 3rd-party systems such as Email, Chat, CRM, Transaction Management, Lead Generation, Internal Communication, Project Manager (and any other tool that your team is using) into one plug-and-play platform!


Why top agents love StackWrap

“Truly incredible. StrackWrap provides my agents with a secure hub that organizes the vital components of our technology in one place. Their calendar, tasks, transactions, and key pieces of software are seamlessly integrated into StackWrap.”

Barry Jenkins

Team Owner, Better Homes and Gardens

“As a broker-owner, Stackwrap allows me to efficiently organize my team's existing tech, tools, and systems into one, easy-to-use and totally customizable platform. It has been an absolute game changer for my staff and agents!”

Max Fitzgerald

Co-Founder & CEO, Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co.

“The Single Sign-On Solution provided by StackWrap is like having a master key that unlocks all the doors to our real estate tools and resources. Our REALTOR® partners now have the ease of finding everything they need in one place, streamlining their workflow and saving precious time.”

Nakia Brooks

Broker Owner, Heartland Real Estate

Flexible Pricing Plans



  • $499 one-time setup fee
  • 1-10 Seats
  • Broker On-Boarding
  • 24-Hour Support


  • $499 one-time setup fee
  • 10-20 Seats
  • Broker On-Boarding
  • 24-Hour Support


  • $499 one-time setup fee
  • 20+ Seats
  • Broker On-Boarding
  • 24-Hour Support

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All of your tools consolidated in one place.


Streamline your work flow.

Save time and optimize your workflow with StackWrap

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